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1 Historical Background: Egypt and India have always had very close defence cooperation and it is one of the most important aspects of bilateral relations between the two countries. Defence cooperation between the two sides flourished in the sixties and seventies and has since grown from strength to strength. One of the high points of  Indo-Egypt Defence cooperation was the training of Egyptian pilots by Indian Air Force pilots, and a joint venture to manufacture the famous Helwan-300 (Kahira) jet fighter. Over the years, the two countries have worked together on a number of mutually beneficial projects in various field of military cooperation especially training.


2. Joint Defence Cooperation (JDC): Visit of Indian Chief of Air Staff in March 1998 gave a lot of impetus to the Defence cooperation. During his visit various proposals to enhance Defence cooperation were mooted by both sides. Formation of Joint Defence Committee was one such proposal. It was decided that a Joint Defence Committee be constituted which should visit both countries to identify areas of Defence cooperation and suggest specific proposals for collaboration in areas of joint production. The Indo-Egypt JDC was set up in Aug 2006 and its inaugural meeting was held in Cairo in Aug 2006. Five such meetings have been held so far between the two sides.


3. Sixth JDC: Sixth meeting of Indo-Egypt JDC was held in New Delhi in April 2016. A four member Egyptian delegation led by a senior officer of the Egyptian MoD visited India and held discussions with officials of the Indian MoD. During the JDC meeting, areas to enhance bilateral Defence cooperation were identified and discussed in great details. Various activities to be undertaken to boost the Defence ties were also finalized during the visit. The Egyptian delegation called on senior officers of the Indian Armed Forces and paid visits to important Defence installations.  


4. Other Areas of Defence Cooperation: Apart from JDC, the other major areas of defence cooperation between India & Egypt are as under:-

(a)  Attendance of training courses by officers of both countries in each other’s military

training institutes.

(b) Regular visits of military delegations from both sides for joint training and exchange of

            professional knowhow.

(c) Regular visits of Indian Air Force aircraft and Indian Naval ships and aircraft. Joint training exercises are organized during the visits of ships between the Navies of both countries.

 (d) Exchange of visits of senior officers of both armed forces.

 (e) Exchange of observers for training exercises.


Defence Team at the Embassy:


Group Captain Sajan Sivaraman, Defence Attaché

Telefax: 2735-7374

e-mail: da.cairo@mea.gov.in