About Us Consular Services for Indians

Consulate: 3 Abu El Feda Street, Zamalek, Cairo (HSBC Bank Building)

Phone: 00‐202‐2737-1992

Fax: 00‐202‐2737-1996

Email: cons[dot]cairo[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in or counsellor[dot]cairo[at]mea[dot]gov[dot]in


The consular services like passports and miscellaneous services for Indians and visa services for Egyptians and Foreign Nationals are provided from our Consular Wing. The address and telephone/fax and email address is as above.




Fresh Passport / Renewal of Passport  

- Applicants can apply for a new passport if the validity of the passport is due to expire or passport has only few blank pages, by filling up the Application (online at https://embassy.passportindia.gov[dot]in/)  for issue of fresh passports. Two colour photographs (4cm x 4cm in size with white background), old passport and original documents in support of any change of particulars (address, marital status etc) and Passport fee are to be submitted along with the application. 

- The application for issue of new passport should be made online at https://embassy.passportindia.gov[dot]in/. Applicant can  also log on to the site: https://passport.gov[dot]in for more details about passport related services. 


Miscellaneous Passport Services


- For all other miscellaneous services (like extension of validity, endorsement of spouse’s name, change of address, Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) etc.) please use the Miscellaneous Passport Services application form which can be downloaded from this site. Applicants should submit original documents in support of change of particulars (like marriage certificate, ration card, telephone bill/electricity bill/purchase deed etc). 


The Passports of newborn babies


- For applying the passports of newborn babies, it is necessary to register the birth first with the Consular Section of Indian Embassy. For registration of birth of new‐born baby, the parents have to fill up the form and submit it along with passports of parents and the original birth certificate issued by the local Egyptian authority. The fee for birth registration is LE 363/‐.


The following documents are required for applying the passport of the new born baby: a) Duly filled in passport application form (with Thumb Impression of the baby at the signature column‐Left Hand Thumb Impression if male and Right Hand thumb Impression if female). b) Copy of both parents’ passports. c) Consent/declaration from both parents for reparation of minor’s passport (Annexure ‐H) d) Birth Registration certificate issued by the Indian embassy 


Emergency Certificate (EC)


- Issued to an Indian citizen who has lost or unable to retrieve the Indian Passport but is required to travel to India on an emergency. Emergency Certificate is a one time travel document to enter India. EC is also issued to Indian nationals on other special circumstances also. 


Procedure for Grant of (EC)


a)     Applicant should approach Indian Mission along with a written application citing the circumstances under which EC is required including documentary proof like copy of lost/stolen passport and police report. Mission would then issue EC. Thereafter, the holder of EC should approach the local Ministry of Interior for affixation of visa stamp on it. The EC holder should bear in mind that he/she should have some documentary evidence about earlier visa granted to him/her by the local authorities. After stamping of visa on the EC, the holder can travel to India. The Consular section of the Embassy will assist the applicant in obtaining the visa stamped from the Egyptian Ministry of Interior.

b)     Validity of an Emergency Certificate is one month from the date of its issue and the document will be retained by Indian immigration authorities on arrival in India.