About Us Guidelines for Foreigners traveling to India

  • In view of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation, please see the updated guidelines for International Arrivals in India here.

  • “It has come to notice that some visa seekers are being duped by certain websites that lure them to pay visa fee online illegally. This is to clarify that the Embassy has not authorized any website to collect visa fee online. All the visa fees are to be paid by the applicants in cash at the counter at the Indian Consulate, 3, Abu El Feda St., Zamalek, Cairo while submitting the visa application. This is to caution all visa seekers to remain vigilant and not fall prey to online cheating.”

Foreigners can visit restricted/protected areas only after obtaining a valid permit as the entry visa alone does not allow travel to these areas. Foreigners coming from or through Yellow Fever countries must be able to produce a valid vaccination certificate. Please remember to fill up the Disembarkation/ Embarkation cards on arrival/departure. The Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act bans all forms of wildlife trade. Violations of the provisions of the Act are punishable with heavy fines and imprisonment. Foreigners are, therefore, advised not to buy any wildlife or wildlife products or derivatives-specially ivory articles, fur and skin articles derived from wild animals such as Shahtoosh Please note that buying, selling, using or being in possession of psycho‐tropic drugs or any other narcotic substances while in India is a cognizable offence punishable by imprisonment.

Foreigners visiting India who hold long-term visas (more than 180 days) are required to register their presence in India with the Foreigners Registration Office (FRRO), except for the following categories of foreigners who are exempted: US nationals holding 10 year tourist/business visas provided their continuous stay in India during each visit does not exceed 180 days.

Foreigners of Indian origin holding 5 year multiple entry 'X' visa with an endorsement that "continuous stay should not exceed 180 days during each visit". Foreigners holding five‐year tourist visa, who are actively engaged in tourism/travel trade, desirous of visiting India frequently over extended periods for promotion of tourism, etc. provided their visas contains an endorsement that "continuous stay should not exceed 180 days during each visit". PIO card holders, if their continuous stay during each visit does not exceed 180 days. Foreigners below the age of 16 years. If any person does not fall into any of the above categories, he may please ensure that he registers with the nearest FRRO within 14 days of his arrival in India.

For registration with the FRRO the following documents are needed: Photocopy of the passport Photocopy of initial visa Four photographs Details of residence in India.

In addition, depending on the age and purpose of stay in India, please also ensure the following documents: If seeking an extension of stay on the grounds that the spouse is an Indian national, a copy of the marriage certificate. University/College/Institution where studying. World Health Organization.

FRRO addresses in the 4 metropolitan cities of India are: Fax: 22620721 Road, Calcutta, Tele No. 00-91-33-22900549. 23454971.

In all other places, the District Superintendents of Police act as Foreigners' Registration Officers Certificates of registration/Residence Permit issued by the Registration Officers should be surrendered to the Immigration Officer at the port/check post of exit from India. One can also surrender the certificate, just prior to departure, to the FRRO who issued the certificate, but in this case, please get a receipt from the FRRO for production to the immigration authorities at the point of departure from India. It is desirable to keep a copy of the Residence Permit before surrendering it at the airport.

Please note that registration is required to be done only once during the validity of a visa irrespective of the number of times the foreigner leaves/reenters India on multi-entry facility.

Steps to fill up the Visa application:

1. Go to www[dot]indianvisaonline.gov[dot]in

2. Then, Click- Indian Visa

3. Then, Go to- guidelines for filling and submitting the online registration form.

4. Then, Select Indian Mission-For e.g. those filling visa form from Egypt  will have to click- EGYPT and if from some other country then click the name of that country.

5. Then, fill up the application form of “ Online Indian Visa form” and keeping moving ahead.

6. Then, Click- Continue next page to into the next page of the form

7. Then, Click- Next page again


9. Then, Click- Continue to next page.

10. Then, verify all the entries, if correct, Click- Verified & Continue

11. Then, Submit

12. Then, after print the hard copy and submit the same with two copies of passport size phot and all the documents as mentioned in the site  https://www.eoicairo.gov[dot]in/

For further Enquiries please contact:

Mrs. Randa Shafik
Mobile number: 02 - 2737-1993 [from 09:30 hrs to 12:30 hrs]