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COVID-19 related advisory for Indian nationals in Egypt

Posted on: March 22, 2020 | Back | Print

As per the travel advisory dated 19th March 2020, issued by Government of India, all international passenger flights to India have been temporarily suspended from 0001 hrs GMT of 22nd March 2020 till 0001 hrs GMT of 29th March 2020. In these circumstances, Indian nationals have been advised to remain in countries they are currently located in. The decision by Government of India regarding suspension of all international commercial passenger traffic is temporary in nature and restrictions will be regularly reviewed.

Further, as per advisory issued by Government of Egypt, international flights to and from Egypt have been temporarily suspended from 19-31 March 2020.

Till these temporary travel restrictions are in place, all Indian nationals in Egypt are requested to:

(i) Remain in Egypt, stay safe within their residential premises, and follow the advisories issued by Government of Egypt.

(ii) Avoid unnecessary travel and observe social distancing.

(iii) By way of abundant caution, it is advisable that anybody with flu-like symptoms should go into self-isolation / home quarantine / seek medical assistance immediately.

(iv) Approach Egyptian authorities through the helpline numbers 105 or 15335 for COVID-19 related emergencies / advice.

(v) In case of emergency, the Embassy of India can be reached as per the details given below:

Ph - +20-1211299905 / +20-1283487779

Email – cons.cairo@mea.gov.in

22 March 2020