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9th Global Economic Summit on Fintech: Accelerating the Digital Revolution

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The All India Association of Industries and the World Trade Centre Mumbai are jointly organizing the 9th edition of the Global Economic Summit on ·Fintech: Accelerating the Digital Revolution in Financial service” (Exhibition, Conference and B2B meetings) and is supported by Open Network for Digital Commerce, India's open e-commerce network backed by the Government of India.It is scheduled from August 8-10, 2024 at Expo Center, World Trade Center Mumbai.

The Summit is being held at a time when the fast-growing fintech sector has touched the lives of millions of people and transformed the businesses of many entrepreneurs. The Summit Conference will discuss and deliberate emphasis on the role of critical emerging technologiessuch as Web 3.0, blockchain, Generative AI in transforming the fintech sector. Leaders from digital payments, digital lending, Insurtech, Wealthtech, Deeptech, SaaS, PaaS, cyber security, and other areas will share the latest trends in their industry.

The objective of the Summit is to showcase the latest innovations taking place in the fintech sector of India, which is the third largest fintech ecosystem in the world, beside other countries who have excelled in this domain.

The Summit will bring together industry thought leaders, financial institutions, innovators, start-up founders, investors, policymakers, regulatory institutions, incubators & accelerators engaged in the fintech sector. The key highlights of the Summit are Conference, Exhibition, networking sessions and field visit.

To learn more about the Summit, please visit the website on www.gesmumbai.com

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