About Us ITEC : Training Programmes

ITEC Civilian Training Programme is organized by Ministry of External Affairs, India. The courses under this programme are specifically designed for employees/officials in Government, Semi-Government, Public Sector, Universities/Schools, Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Special permission shall be provided for applicants from private sector, NGOs etc. depending on the relevance and merit of the application.

The selection process shall be conducted by the Embassy, based on the merit of application and applicants are expected to possess working knowledge of English.

Applicants should be in the age limit of 25-45

For further information and queries regarding the courses and universities, candidates shall refer https://www.itecgoi[dot]in.

*In accordance with the prevailing pandemic situation, regular ITEC courses are on hold for the time being and shall resume only when the situation normalizes. In light of this situation, MEA plans to conduct short training online courses; the details of these e-ITEC programs shall be available at https://www.itecgoi[dot]in/e-itec.php.