About Us India Day

The Centre organizes cultural activities in different cities - mostly at universities, educational institutions, and cultural palaces. The India Day celebrations include a photo exhibition on India, display of Indian handicrafts, musical instruments, tourist literature etc. and a separate section comprising the photographs of bilateral meetings between Indian and Egyptian leaders.

India Days were organized at the following institutions / venues in 2019:

  1. At Port Said Governorate on 10/10/19 .

  2. At Alexandria Governorate on 09/10/19.

  3. At Ismailia Governorate on 08/10/19.

  4. The Culture Centre, Port Said on 31/08/19.

  5. Misr Public Library, Cairo on 08/08/19.

  6. Child Museum on 24/05/19. 

  7. Al-Azhar University on 20/04/19.

  8. Malvern College Egypt School on 15/03/19.

  9. British International School on 14 /03/19.

  10. Academy of Arab Conscious Child at Air Force House on 30/03/19.

  11. Mena Academy School at Maadi on 26/02/19.

  12. Child Museum,Heliopolis on 07/02/19.

  13. Al-Bashayer School on 23/01/19.

MACIC actively participated in various International Cultural Festivals, this year MACIC participated in the following events:- 

  1. Hayah Academy at New Cairo city on 02/11/19.

  2. British International School at Sheikh Zayed City, Cairo on 03/10/19.

  3. Misr Language School, Pyramids on 18/4/19.

  4. International Nations Festival organized by the Pharaonic Village on 11/04/19.

  5. American College, Maadi on 05/04/19.

  6. Orphan Day Festival organized by the Child Museum, Cairo on 05/04/19.

  7. British University El-Sherouk City on 02/04/19.

  8. International Cultural Day at 6 October University on 20/03/19.

  9. The “Heritage Festival” at Faculty of Applied Arts on 17/03/19.