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The Centre organizes cultural activities in different cities - mostly at universities, educational institutions, and cultural palaces. The India Day celebrations include a photo exhibition on India, display of Indian handicrafts, musical instruments, tourist literature etc. and a separate section comprising the photographs of bilateral meetings between Indian and Egyptian leaders.

On some occasions of India Day, troupes from India or a local group performs Indian dances. India Days in 2018 included: Nasser Military Academy, Dokki on 18th Feb., British University on 3rd Apr, Alexandria Cultural Palace, Alexandria on 10-11 Apr., Sadat University on 16th Apr., Ain Shams University on 16 Apr, Russian University on 13th Dec, “Kids Sports Day" Programme at Air Force House, Cairo, under “The Arab Conscious Child Academy" on 28 Dec, Al-Bashayer School on 23 January 2019, Child Museum on 7 February 2019, “British International School” on 14 March 2019, “Malvern College Egypt School” on 15 March 2019, the “Heritage Festival” at Faculty of Applied Arts on 17 March 2019, 12th edition of the “International Cultural Festival” at 6 October University on 19-20 March 2019, and 5th edition of the “International Cultural Festival” at Faculty of Art Education Helwan University on 24 March 2019.