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Emerging Technologies Initiative (ETI) by Government of India

Posted on: September 01, 2020 | Back | Print

NEST Division in MEA, Office of Principal Scientific Adviser (PSA) and the Science Policy Forum have launched an Emerging Technologies Initiative on August 31, 2020 for accelerating India’s technology intensity in new emerging and strategic technologies. It has been launched on the website of the Science Policy Forum www.thesciencepolicyforum.org/initiatives/eti/.

2. SPF has been a collaborative platform launched since September 2018 to facilitate engagement in science, technology and innovation policy, strengthen science policy linkages and act as a channel for dialogue and outreach. It has had a modest beginning as a discussion forum at the DST Centre for Policy Research at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru. 

3. The Emerging Technologies Initiative or ETI is an ambitious attempt to understand, analyze and anticipate the impact of emerging, futuristic, strategic, critical and disruptive technologies that will impact India and its foreign policy aspects. It seeks to identify collaborative opportunities in a whole range of new emerging and strategic technologies under Quantum, AI, Bioengineering, Semiconductor technologies, Sustainable technologies, Industrial technologies, High performance computing including Big Data and Intelligent Systems, Block Chain, and Data and Communication Network.

4. Teams will be identified to produce a strategy report on a specific emerging or strategic technology. Each of these reports will recommend policy choices and also lay out an indigenization roadmap. This process will, therefore, involve the steps of technology scouting, technology landscaping, technology assessment, technology forecasting and technology indigenization.

5. Participation in this initiative is open to Indian citizens and NRIs/ PIOs. We hope to see multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional teams, including participants from the research and scientific community in India and from amongst the Indian Diaspora as also Indian Start-ups/ Industry.

6. Each of the strategy reports will be presented to stakeholders in GOI policy making organizations as an input towards Atma Nirbhar Bharat. Representatives from Ministries, trade bodies and accelerators will be brought together for interaction with the select teams to facilitate operationalization of suggested roadmaps. NEST Division in MEA, PSA’s Office & SPF would be the synapses for this. This is a participative and inclusive approach to new emerging & strategic technologies in India.