About Us Death of Indian national in Egypt

In the unfortunate event of the death of an Indian national in Egypt, please follow the under mentioned procedure:

Lodge a report with the police at once Rush the body to the hospital and get a death certificate Inform the next of kin in India Contact a funeral agency/casket company for the embalming and preservation of the body. (One can contact Mr. Mohamed Ibrahim, Mob. No. 0109 806 1106, or Mr. Eid Sakr, Mob. No. 0122 321 0326 or any other agency for service relating to transportation/embalming/preparation of coffin.) Contact any of the airlines flying to India to obtain the airline schedule and book the passage of the casket. Normally the casket is charged by weight by the airline Come to the Indian Embassy with copies of the police report, death certificate, medical certificate (Embalming certificate) and the passport of the deceased. The Indian Embassy will attest all the documents related to the death/dispatch of the body free of charge, cancel the passport, and issue a Registration Certificate of Death (fee LE 5/‐) for transportation of the body of the deceased to India. The coffin needs to be sealed by the Embassy of India in addition to the seal from the Health and Custom Department, before dispatch to the airport. In case the body is unclaimed, the Egyptian police will dispose it after waiting for a week. Please note the Indian Embassy does not have any provision to bear any expenses with regard to any of the above. Nor can the Indian Embassy take the responsibility of sending to India or disposal of the body etc.. of any deceased. The responsibility of doing so is that of the employer, in case of a worker, or that of friends and/or relatives of the deceased. The Indian Embassy only assists in doing all the paperwork required. For cases of death, our officials are available round the clock to do the necessary paperwork without charging any emergency fees. The fee for obtaining the Death Registration Certificate is LE 5/‐For compensation arising out of Industrial accidents, the above mentioned procedure has to be followed in addition to the formalities for compensation/insurance claim as per the agreement with the Company/Employer. In all other cases, the normal court procedure is to be followed to get compensation. Indian Embassy can assist in the follow up of such cases, but does not have any locus standi to act in case of inadequate or delayed payment of compensation.